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Internet Consulting

How we can help you!

We have been working on the Internet for almost 15 years, first as a small company called "Montana Services" and now as Kittatinny Design Services. We can work with your small or middle sized company to map out your Internet strategy.

Contact us to incorporate all of your campaignes, (print, media, web) into one unified look & feel. We'll work closely with your other agencies of record to incorporate one look for all of your media. We'll help you present one unified face of your company to the public.

Logically once we have mapped out your strategy, we can design, build and host your website with our world class hosting provider Verio. We handle all of the technical work so that you don't have to. When we're done we won't leave you with an unsupportable mess to clean up. Just an efficient way to communicate with your customers on the web.

Please contact us either by email or by calling 973-670-7322.

The Web Site

We are continuing to work on the new Kittatinny Design Services web site, but our customers always come first. Stop Back for more information.

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